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Superpoweris the word I heard mentioned several times growing up in Cassis, a little-known village south of France but not very far from Marseille. I could not comprehend what its significance was but I got a lot of interest when I heard that there’re countries which were referred to as superpowers. When the topic came up while in 4th Grade as we were tackling a history lesson, I could not afford even to wink my eyes as I wanted to pay full attention to the teacher as he took us through the history of our country.

The two hours lesson and many other lessons afterward could not meet my quest for knowing all about the superpowers but I was introduced to yet another interesting topic about the WWII.

The Battle Of Ramillies

One Of The Battles That Defined History

This battle which was fought in 1706 brought to the limelight the existence of some of the most ingenious military commanders in Europe. The battle also exposed nondescript villages and towns and made them household names finding a place deep in our history books.


The Significance Of
The Battle Of Ramillies

Facts About
The Battle Of Ramillies

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